A Mobile Bar with a Difference

The local market of mobile bars was crowded with offerings that were “cheap and cheerful” and offered little selection. Cellar27 wanted to change that by offering high-quality drinks, service and selection.

The team of two wanted the brand to reflect their offering by suggesting quality and service. They had already had a custom bar built and prepared a list of excellent cocktails.

I started with a simple didone typeface, then manipulated it to include more traditional serifs and teardrop terminals. The letters were then given slight accents to suggest a liquid form.

It was really satisfying to see the logo in action, especially when it was embroidered onto custom bar aprons. Also, seeing the logo in bright thread really brought it to life.

Interrobang - Cellar27
Interrobang - Cellar27

After perfecting all of the drinks, they were beautifully photographed by Emma Kindred (eighty-one.co.uk)[http://www.eightyone.co.uk] so we could get started on printed materials. The high-quality photography and minimal design set Cellar27 apart.

Interrobang - Cellar27
Interrobang - Cellar27
Interrobang - Cellar27
Date Working At
2012 Condiment
Branding & Print

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