A Pebble Watchface

The Pebble watch was one of the early success stories of Kickstarter, becoming one of the highest funded projects ever. It wasn’t long before the team started developing an ever-evolving SDK.

As soon as I got my watch I started playing around with the new technology and Marked is the result of that. Obviously I had to learn the language along the way, ‘C’ is like no other programming language I had ever used, but it was a fun experience.

Marked is set in Futura (two weights) and employs a simple, marker to show the day of the week. I kept it simple not only because I was a novice, but because I preferred that style.

As the SDK progressed in maturity the watchface became more and more complex, including a configuration screen which enables the user to customise the watchface to thier liking. For example, you can change the background color and first day of the week; All within the Pebble app.

Interrobang - Marked
Interrobang - Marked
Date Working At
2013 Personal Project
Code, Web & Branding

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