A Little Change Makes a Big Difference

As much as I love iOS, it’s not perfect. This is why I jailbreak, jailbreaking offers a higher level of control than you normally get with your device. Want to add another toggle to ‘ControlCenter’? Or want to change your phone carrier icon? Or want to do pretty much anything else? Jailbreak can offer you this.

There are many more reasons why I love the jailbreak community, but I wanted to add to it. A long time ago I used a tweak that let you control the statusbar clock formatting. But by iOS 7 it no longer worked and was dead; I decided I would bring it back, and better.

I had to learn objective-c along the way and I did it; it also happened to be pretty popular too. To date StatusTime+ has been downloaded 0 times, and it’s been featured on blogs all over the world.

StatusTime+ uses unix standard time formatting, for example “HH:mm” would result in “12:25” and so on. I also added the ability to display the amount of free RAM the device has. The following examples are just some of the possibilites.

Interrobang - StatusTime+
Interrobang - StatusTime+
Interrobang - StatusTime+

StatusTime+ is free on the BigBoss repository and the source is available on Github.

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