The Cookhouse

At Suffolk Food Hall

Suffolk Food Hall is one of the most respected, independent food producers and shops in Suffolk. So when they set out to build a restaurant on-site, Condiment jumped at the chance to help shape it’s visual appearance.

The restaurant was designed with groups in mind, spacious areas for each group with huge windows to views of the Orwell Bridge. Sharing food was going to be key to the menu, so a simple word was needed to describe the experience. Feast.

Firstly we designed a logo that could be used on various materials. It’s bold and striking with plenty of weight, The industrious stencil effect matches the sparse modern concrete and wood panelling in the cookhouse.

Interrobang - The Cookhouse

We set about designing a print gate-fold to help get word about the venue. We used heavy matte finish paper and plenty of delicious imagery. A custom emboss was used to subtly impose the ‘feast’ logo. A great effect.

Interrobang - The Cookhouse
Interrobang - The Cookhouse
Interrobang - The Cookhouse
Below: Photography - Emma Kindred (
Interrobang - The Cookhouse
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2012 Condiment
Branding & Print

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