The Crown


The Crown in historic Woodbridge is well-known for it’s food. They offer high-quality and wholesome food in a modern but casual setting. ‘Bespoke’ is the word they use to describe the environment and service.

The menu is hand-picked as often as possible, this means a printed menu is difficult to produce at a high-quality. So they decided that it would be best to create a way to present simple, on-demand printed menus.

The print itself includes a slide-out panel with a lip that holds the menu paper. This creates an exciting reveal moment. We used high grammage card, pantone printed with a custom spot varnish finish. The result feels great in your hands.

Interrobang - The Crown
Interrobang - The Crown
Interrobang - The Crown
Date Working At
2012 Condiment
Artworking & Print

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