I’m Luke, Product Designer & Design Director at thoughtbot. I help clients to build great products for the people that need them. I’m eager to work with teams that prioritise collaboration and iteration, backed by good research.

Selected Work beta


Train times on iOS for commuting

As a daily train commuter I noticed I was getting the same or very similar trains every single day. I found that most train time apps were not helping me see the information I wanted to see, “Is my train running late?”. I do not need to buy a ticket, I do not need to plan a jouney for a Thursday four weeks from now, I do not want to enter a departure and destination every single day. So I’m building TrainTrack.

Munich Re

Freeing insurance staff from an outdated analogue process

The digital partner arm of Munich Re began as an experiment to provide reinsurance to disruptive new online businesses. The problem was that they themselves were not a very digital business. The team were struggling with a process rooted in more traditional practices. Almost everything was done via email, phone, and spreadsheets.

A plan was hatched to digitise the process iteratively, the logical first step was to redesign the ‘due diligence’ workflow. A part of the onboarding process, which aimed to ask potential customers questions to deem how suitable and legally prepared they are to start working with Munich Re.

Koru Kids

Designing a new offering: zero to MVP in 6 weeks

Koru Kids had already built a successful startup that offered affordable and flexible after-school nanny services. But they wanted to test a new idea, Nanny Sharing. This allows families that live nearby to share nanny sessions, which saves the families money, increases the amount a nanny is paid and allows children to socialise in a comfortable environment.

We were tasked with shaping this idea into an MVP in just 6 weeks. After a successful design sprint, including user validation and testing sessions we rapidly iterated on a friendly mobile-first product to help families find others nearby, based on their needs, values and interests.