This is a fairly living list of my design, development and personal setups. Including software, hardware and as much detail in between. This page follows many of those who have contributed to



As a product designer I spend as much time writing and planning as I do creating visuals.


  • Figma: For wireframing, prototyping & general UI / UX design.

  • Pixelmator Pro: For photo editing.

  • iA Writer: for long-form writing.

  • Drafts: for taking notes.

  • Whimsical: for graphing & diagrams.

  • ScreenFlow: Screen recording, mostly for user testing/interviews & feature walkthroughs.



It's worth taking a look at my Dotfiles for much more info about my setup.

  • Neovim: Is my editor of choice, once you start thinking in vim it's hard to use anything else. The major plugins I use are coc (with extensions), sneak, surround, commentary & polyglot.

  • Kitty: is a fast, lightweight terminal emulator, that can be configured easily in a single file.

  • Fish: A modern terminal shell that has great auto-complete, syntax hightlighting, and history searching.

  • FZF: is the ultimate way to trawl through files and history on the command line.

  • asdf: a solution to manage the versions of all the programming languages I need.





My approach to clothing is pretty simple, I always prefer clothing that is made to last, and if possible I buy as much good second-hand clothing as I can. If you ever meet me in person I'll probably be wearing: