I try and keep track of all the interesting things I find on my travels around the web. I update this regularly, so check back. Because the internet never stops changing, as this list gets older things will begin to decay and disappear. So this isn’t an archive as such, it’s a log.

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Favourites - October 2020

  1. Stitches

    I've played around with lots of different CSS-in-JS libraries over the years. Stitches is the one that has fit the best into my mindset so far. It's easy to theme, easy to override, I really enjoy the 'variants' paradigm, and it sits on the best side of "strict".

  2. Dédale Variable

    Dédale is a great example of the things that variable fonts can do. Dédale subtly gains more pronounced serifs as it slims down, going from a chunky slab to a sharp and skeletal lineal.

  3. Piazzolla Type System

    Piazolla is a very versatile family which could be used as a type system all by itself. It really shines at small sizes. This playful brochure page is also great.