I try and keep track of all the interesting things I find on my travels around the web. I update this regularly, so check back. Because the internet never stops changing, as this list gets older things will begin to decay and disappear. So this isn’t an archive as such, it’s a log.

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Favourites - November 2020

  1. Making sense of your design project by writing

    I think this article offers really practicle advice. Something I've been trying to lately is document feature designs as I design them rather than retrospectively, which can be tricky. So starting small, building up artifacts, like this makes for a great draft to build up over time.

  2. macOS icon pack

    This page of icons has defintiely eased my transition to Big Sur, I couldn't stand having icons with two competing design languages on the dock at the same time.

  3. kateblairstone.com

    Just look at that wallpaper!