Savee Integration

A few months ago I moved all my visual inspiration boards from Pinterest to Savee. I had a few reason for doing that:

Firstly Pinterest is huge, while this is good thing for discovery it is no longer an app that does one thing well, my feed was littered with CTA’s, suggestions, and adverts—Which was becoming stressful. Second, Pinterest does not have a Safari plugin for macOS.

Savee is aimed towards, and designed for designers. The tooling reflects that. Being able to search by colour is a super useful feature. Also, the ability to select, and organise many items by clicking and dragging is powerful. The Safari integration is great, the plugin offers a neat little drawer at the bottom of the page that you can drop images into as you scroll, nice.

I wanted to include some visual elements to my journal page, which hopefully gives reader an idea of my current aesthetic and taste, luckily I have a constantly updated trove stored in Savee.

Integrating Savee was simple, I just needed to make a request to the correct API endpoint:

async function getFeed() {
  return fetch("", {
    headers: {
      "Auth-Token": null,
  }).then((response) => response.json());

Full source code

I chose to limit the output to the 50 most recent items. As for layout I have used a simple Masonry layout using flexbox:

.masonry {
  columns: var(--cols, 4);
  column-gap: var(--space-default);

.masonry * {
  margin: 0 0 var(--space-default);

Full source code

I am fetching the data at build time, to limit the amount of API hits, and speed up the page. In addition I have setup a little automatic deploy action using IFTT, which simply hits the webhook that Netlify provides every morning at midnight.

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