Please remember this feeling

This tweet from Kyle (Thanks Nick), struck chord with me:

Feels like a lot of extroverts are hitting a wall with the pandemic recently. And I get it. It sucks when the whole world organizes every interaction in a way that emotionally drains you and won’t let you recharge. Please remember this feeling. Signed, An Introvert.

Rather than asking extroverts to “remember this feeling”, I’ll be trying my best to be as supportive as I can to my extroverted friends, family, and co-workers. It feels spiteful to kick extroverts while they are down. But, as an introvert, It has been exciting to see the world that feels tailored for extroverts is starting to change, and a better more introvert-inclusive world is rising. While extroverts are hitting a wall during the pandemic, I feel like I’ve soared straight over it.

Selfishly, I’ve been loving lockdown. I’d strongly prefer to work remotely from now on – I’m definitely not looking for work, but it’s something that would be a deal-breaker when comparing jobs. I’m super grateful to work for a company that has quickly adapted and committed to remote working.

The lockdown has reduced my anxiety, I’m nowhere near as emotionally or mentally drained by the end of the day. I’m less tired, less grumpy. I’ve been saving lots of money on transport and takeaway lunches, I get to spend much more time with my family which is amazing. I work in a space that I have designed for myself, and people are much more understanding of others personal situations and needs than before.

Sure, the amount I’ve been exercising has taken a big dive. I’ve had to embrace the fact that my daughter will interrupt calls, and it’s meant rearranging our living space. I miss having the occasional pint with friends at work, and a free lunch on Friday. But I can work on all of that, if it means I get to keep the rest.

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