Aside from a weekly journal, this is a blog. This page also gives some insight into what I'm listening to and reading right now. It's a bit of playground to grab data from various API's.

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What I'm doing now

Well it’s 2021, and as expected it’s pretty much the same as last year so far. To distract myself I have been:

  • Setting goals for the year ahead at a company, studio, and personal level.

  • To celebrate my recent 5th anniversary at thoughtbot I was very kindly gifted a new mechanical keyboard. A RAMA Kara. RAMA is a bucket list quality designer and creator in the community, meaning everything they create is a little hard to get hold of, but excellent.

  • I’ll be pairing the main build with MT3 white-on-black keycaps, and U4 Boba switches by ‘Gazzew’.

Last updated – January 15, 2021