Sharing online as an activity

Christopher’s thoughts on sharing, and engaging online are really close to my own feelings. Doing this type of stuff is definitely an activity or a task for me, especially when it’s work related. I also feel like I need to break down this type of task into something, small, repeatable, and something that doesn’t need too much mental effort from me. Like my bookmarks.

Engaging online, for me, is an activity. It’s not a default. I can’t be in that space all the time because the longer I am in it, the more it twists and manipulates how I see, how I think, how I feel.

I am also very much happy to avoid chasing large audiences or wealth by sharing online my work online:

I make things because I enjoy making them. I share them when I have a sense that those things are exactly the sort that would inspire me had I not made them myself. This is not the way to build a large audience, to achieve fame, or to amass wealth. But it is the way to be seen (a very different thing from being validated) that also creates a way for someone else.

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